Taipei Trends: Water fight

I joined a Taipei Trends event recently.
Some bucket filling
And large guns
More bucket filling
My friend bought some extra guns
Many friends showed up
And some drone
And some super hero
And military (probably american)
Rainy sky
Omg...after a while it started to rain...the water fighters didnt want to get wet...
Deadpool was pretty wet anyway...most people were shoting on him
People started to have some small fight
Water protection
A professional photographer
And darth maul
Some brought a change room
Soilder and dog pic 1
Soldier and dog pic 2
And after a while the dinasaurs arrived
And the whole battle field turned into a selfie party
Tais and costumes
Some people were still shooting
After some hour the event ended...
And some peope went to a local beer bar
I had a platter
There was a competition there...they should dance ,and could win some beer...entertaining...

A visit to Ximen

I went to ximen recently, meeting my old friend Kai and some other friends
Some chinese people were demonstrating..."china, province of Taiwan", would be a nice slogan...making taiwan having the highest mountian in the world...
Or china, province of taiwan...
Many police were was a rather provokative act from the protesters
Some flag...amybe a new version of hongkongs...
Kai wanted food, "anything", but when I came with suggestions, "anything" seemed more like "some speficit things"...we tried AK12 burger in teh end
They seemed to have some kind of anniversary
We had chocolate bread
And double cherry lichi drink
Second round i even got marshmellows
My friend had an interesting hairdo
I later got some pink drink
And some juice with rosehip
As usual there were many people here
Some friend also had a birthday this night
We also checked who could take the least blurry pic...this is my contribution...
I also concluded that nacho cheasier are better thatn golden cheese flavour
And me and some friends also passed by a cake store, since my friends friend had a birthday

Canada day in taipei 2016

I visited Canada some days ago
There are many canadians in taiwan, since they hafve big need for english teachers here
Many stands, and many non canadian
Some canadian mascot
And live performance, but no nickelback
I tried some canadian beer
Some people expected rain
Some toroanto beer
Omg, my friends friend...a funny character
I also tried an organic beer
Later on they had cake
And some red beans for the tais
And more performance...2016 continues

Music video for Saad Lamjarred

I participated in a muic video try out for Saad lamjarred some day ago
It was held at SYS memorial hall
Milo joined up...
We got some nice waffles when there
Later we passed by a mexican restaurant
I was here some year ago with my canadian friend Steve Smith...
I had some recomended burritos or something with cheese french fries

Ximen nights

I went to ximen some night ago
I tried a new mango drink...very cold
The night after I also went to ximen...for some snacks
Cheese and other deep fried items
And a passion fruit drink...but I think it was rather artificiall...but still nice with a cherry on the top...

Taipei Diving Expo 2016

I passed by a diving exhibition in Taipei recently
My friend was there having some presenations, and since taiwan is highly ranked in the wold considering diving, it could be interesting
Timmi Kokkola ranked green island in taiwan, the best diving for coral spotting
Some speakers list
I also listened to a funny guy from malaysia, who made world famous photos with a comact camera
He was showing the rules of how to make good pics, with sun light
And the theory of adjusting F and ISO on your camera
Some rules (the screen was LED so the pic is striped) :S
Als the ev...can be changed
Later Tommi talked about how to use reverse ring macro to take nice photos
He has taken photos for national geographics...pretty epic

Geocaching: Taipei Meet and greet june 2016

I made a quick visit to a geocaching event today
At a starbucks in Taipei downtown
I planned to join an event earlier this year, but it was cancelled, many people showed up
It seems like, there is not that many raditional caches in taiwan, only 61 people managed to log more than 100...yes geocaching is a sport for engineers...and freaks within statistics, GPS and other rational people with riddle solving interest
I had some ice coffee...but as usuall its super slow service...had to wait 10-15 minutes, even if there was 2-3 people ahead of me...
A table full of travel bugs
My, vanilla/chocolate drink
I was recommended this singer from taidong
I was also encouraged to solve this mystery was said to be hard...

Some Swedish Chalmber event

I joined a swedish chamber event recently
They had some all you can eat adn drink offer
It was also anual meeting for the Swedish Chamber or commerce in Taipei
Omg, Benge participated last year
They had taiwan beer on the menu, and some red or white wine
I ate fun fun, some swedish dishes as Janssons temptations and some fruit
This guys passed by for promoting his event company, pretty interestiung guy from china
The red wine was this one...a cabernet sauvignin, pretty easy to drink
The buffet laster for 3 hours...I think i was the only one who kept eating during this time
As usual people refilled at 20.59, since the all you can drink offer stopped at 21.00...

Saturday evening in Taipei

I passed by ikea recently
They have marabou daim chocolate, but no "only chocolate"...strange...
they also have musli
any many kinds of beer
Long queue for dinner
I asked for 20 meetballs, he asked if i wanted 15...i said "yes"..and he gave me 10...i wonder what was in his head...
They didnt have 20 meatballs anymore...i later found out..strange...but it is still a mysrtery why he only gave me 10...
I tried one of the beers for dinner...melleruds
They also had some strange dished in the store...chicken meat balls and some meat roll...i wonder if they ever will get would be epc...according to rumors, swedish pizza is very sucessful on the international arena...
They had many ciders also in ikea
and finally "blandsaft"...cordial...i waited so log for this...
i also saw a guy with aboriginal outfit
next stop was a loca beer bar
zhang men...i been here many times before...but still havnt tried all local beers i think
number 16, a dark beer...
number 15, also a dark beer...
I later went to ximen and orders a tasted wierd...
I also had snax, and paid with 20nt coins...always as confusing for the locals
Later the bartender came to me, and told me that i got the wrong dirnk :S it was wonder my pinacoloda tasiter so artificial....

Eurocup Sweden - Italy

I went to little london recently for watching eurocup
Its a small place ,not sure wy the swedish chamber of commerce insit of being here...
I had a local beer, it cost 220nt, i like!
Many swedes, and more tais whos been to sweden were there
I brought my systembolaget-bag
It was 0-0 almost the whole game
Some enthusiasts watching the game
Funny, not political correct poster of the old president
My friend gustaf brought his vikiing helmet
¨My Tai friend Zhenen wanted to try it on
He is a very funny character
The game ended rather late, with a last minute goal from italy
Some people later on went to ximen
I had a kiwi yoghurt, since they were out of smoothies..

A visit to Hestia Spanish restaurant

I went to a spanish restaurant not so long time ago
It was in the middle of taipei
I ahd some spanish beer, rather sweet
And some salad predish
And green soup
And some cheese
And meat... #whatdidjohaneattoday
Some paella, or something, rather small portion
And an apple pie for dessert
They had some rise wine at the entrance of the place to donate to some gods
I also saw a car that parked pretty close to the wall, the driver must have left the car from another side
Later on I went to ximen
I found many coffee stores here...seems like coffee is tne new tea, in taiwan

Epic Reverse Slip and Slide - Taipei

I joined an event recently hosted by my friends at Taipei Trends
It started at 5am so I left city at 3.30, since I was cycling to the event place
Some guy on a motorcycle also came rather early
Usually the weather in nice at sun rise and sunset in taiwan
Preparing the slope
Lewis was fixing water
The there was no pressure in the pipes
Eventually we found a water source
Contract signing
And slope inspectation
They added soap, for extra glide
This was famous for being slippery thei said
We went some extra times to fill water
This guy was addicted to beetle nuts, the first foreigner I ever met who became a frequent user
My co-pilot from last production
First go...
And a long queue
Chris is still working on the details
I had "känningar" from a maybe broken rib, after surfing recently, so I took it a little easy today, but still slipped frequently in the grass
Even the dog tried to run on the slipperty surface
Ironman took the grass way
Chris also had a drone for production purposes
It is a fun toy
Later also a line for competitions were created
Some dinosaurs attended as well
And a train
Almost like a sledge ride, but in a tropical climate
Lewis eventually brought more water
He didnt want any help...strong guy
Dinos second try
And the slow-mo camera
After the dinos tried some time, it was the humans turn
This guy used a helmet...wise guy
Funny guy
Sidy by side competitions
Hard time getting up the slope
Dolphoine ride
This guy used his watch to press down some spikes to keep the track on place
More competitions
Some green guy, whi wanted to go
Afterwards we had breakfast, and then everyone went home to sleep

Another ximen visit

I paid a quick visit to ximen recently
A dark saturday night
They dont have my favoriet burgers anymore, but still some nice fried food
And some mango yoghurt
It was bout to rain, sto they put up some umbrellas
Some other stands were struggeling with their umbrellas
I also had a lichi drink, with double cherries
The bartender was confused when I paid with 200nt and 20nt bills n coins...

A visit to Umbrella island (外傘頂洲)

I made a quick visit to an island in Jiayi called 外傘頂洲, or something like Umbrella island, recently
Frustrated over local inconsistency, how to pronunce the characters (嘉)? The locals never care, cus they never use the alphabet, but for visitors, same charaacter has many ways of spelling  (making it hard for the locals to understand foreigners, cus the taiwanese are very pronunciation sensitive)
I passed by an oyster market
And had some local seafood
A map showing my destination
A boat heading 50 minutes out, looking like a swedish House boat
The tour was 3 times per day
More local food
And alot of frustration on which boat to take
Some flood at the hardbor
And a fjällräven bag
The boat had speakers playing loud Karaoke music
And a guide taling about the island we were heading to, not sure about its english name
Many boats heading out
Some caravan, but these boats made anothr tour more north first
And the safety, each seat has a west...
And some more Karaoke (KTV)
After a while we passed by some bridges
And in the horizon we could spot some bigger bridge
And after another 10 minutes, we hit the island
Just a sand bank, that apparently is heading more south for each year, I was told it moves p and down, but I cannot confirm which story is the truth...
The locals got toys to play in the sand with
More tourists
The boat was here for 1 hour, enough time to play around on this small place
Wiki page for 外傘頂洲:
Some bridge...
And locals collecting water
Other sculptures reminding me of Nimis in sweden (but far smaller)
I also found a shipwreck
With some mattress inside, mabye for lost tourists
And more sand digging locals
BLue sky horizon
And intersting patterna in the sand
And a crab
Mountains could be spotted at Jiayi
I think the big one is Alishan, but could recall that I saw Jiayi from Yushan, so i think one peak also is Yushan (highest peak on taiwan, 3952m)
People queuing up for geting back on the boat
Food and KTV
Oyster and sea food
Mountians getting closed
After another 50 minutes we were bac in Jiayi (Dongshi fishermans wharf)
Many kites in the air
And many tourists chilling at the harbour
I also spotetd some oyster shell truck
And East coast alert" (meaning no helmet and no trafic light usage)
Nice mountain view
I think I could get to yushan in 1-2 hours by scooter from here
Many small ponds with fish, the machines are adding oxygen
Omg, an ISO-9001 building
Sunset at Jiayi
I also passed by a Blua high heel shoe church, that once was mentioend in Swedish TV.
It msut be warm in there during summer days...
Another visit was a giand Egg
And this burgerbar
It seemed rather new...but wasnt that special
Menu in English...
Some explanation how they make their burgers in chinese...
And the classical buzzer for people waiting for their meal
A set, or is always cheaper in southern taiwan
Next stop; the only bar in Jiayi
I had a Tiramisu drink
I also saw Alexander Skarsgårds new movie poster
And his name in Chinese...(亞歷山大斯卡斯加德): Yàlìshāndà sīkǎsījiādé

A trip to Xinyi

I headed to Taipei, xinyi recently
Concluded that many maps in Taipai MRT has "North down", very confusing for people like me, who use to see north up...
People in xinyi weights 67:ish kg
First stop was China pa
I had some australian wine, it was nice, I realise that I am very populistic when it comes to wine
They also had some live band
Next stop was Frank at att4fun, one can see the bottom of taipei 101...oin the dark
I had some colour ful juice imx
My friend had colourful sox
Later on some of my friends headed to Carnegies
I had a taiwan beer, my friend has a Hoegaarden
Omg, Michael Jackson on the wall...
Carnegies is the same as it use to be many years ago...(most other bars open, close, or develop)
My friend Karl was visiting Taiwan he had some snus with him...smells like home
We tried to go to roxy later, but it was closed, also ximen ding didnt have any place open
Karl asked some locals, but no info about anything open
Last resort was Banqiao, Karl was happy, walking around in taipei when everything is closed...confusion alert!

A visit to the new Chalmers Office in Hsinchu

CITO= Chalmers International Taiwan Office, a new place without a kitchen...
...sponsored by ikea
I met with some chalmers student today
Like a new show room in Hsinchu
We had peanut butter orios
A vew over the same park
Some people doing some photo shot...the swedes also took pics for ikea in their new office
We later on went for eating
The old offce, was taken back to the old "owner" according to the NCTU staff
I joined some people to McDonalds
It was a sunny day
With a rainbow in the horizon...

On my way to Hsinchu

Sitting on a bus towards Hsinchu
Hot, but cloudy...
Song of the day:melody club - play me in stereo

Surfing in Waiao - June 2016

I went to Waiao again...
Toilet paper aparently solve itself in water, but still in taiwan they ask you to collect the used toilet paper in a bucket
After the toilet paper analysys I headed to Waiao
My friends went with Hugo, who has a place in his car for the boards
It was a hot day
Hugo suggested this place
He also bought some towel poncho
He knows the owner
Lydia wanted to have extra wax
I wanted to have an estra parasol
Not much waves when we arrives, the best is 6-8 and 16-18
Amine managed to do some nice knee slides
It was hist first time to surf
Some waves
Some guy trying to fish
Lydia was good
Turtle island in the horizon
And many paraglider
Some waves eventually came
More surfing action
I was rather lazy, and catched maybe 2-4 waves during the whole day
Some locals were really good
I aso brough Yilan beer
At 16 the waves became higher
More locals locals showed up
Later we went back to the store
I had some more yilan beer
Hugo was checking his board...2016 continues

Computex 2016

I joined a computer fiar, which is said to be "the biggest in the world"
Some blir pic of a scanner
They had the fair at 2 locations...ABB was in nangang
Some skate board...epic
And many kinds of computers
But the locals prefer bikini girls instead of canides and pens
Some "keep the computer cold" competition
Liuid nitrogen?
I met German my old roomie
Some super heroes
And robots
Batman buddha
Some screen swipers
I met my old classmate Ramiro
And my old classmate Natalia
Some puh figures
I also passed by some innovation expo
And met some swedish app company
Anders was mingeling around
A blur selfie with a school mate Lorraine
Some cool sound location technology
LAter on we joined some french event
A french guy who spoke chinese
Many people mingeling
"Careful forehead" sign...very useful
I also went to a business sweden event...not sure, but the mostly said the same things, and explained old technologies, most people who were there wanted to hear new things
I ended the trip by tasting some vanilla cream bun, which I got from anders

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