Surfing in Waiao - June 2016

I went to Waiao again...
Toilet paper aparently solve itself in water, but still in taiwan they ask you to collect the used toilet paper in a bucket
After the toilet paper analysys I headed to Waiao
My friends went with Hugo, who has a place in his car for the boards
It was a hot day
Hugo suggested this place
He also bought some towel poncho
He knows the owner
Lydia wanted to have extra wax
I wanted to have an estra parasol
Not much waves when we arrives, the best is 6-8 and 16-18
Amine managed to do some nice knee slides
It was hist first time to surf
Some waves
Some guy trying to fish
Lydia was good
Turtle island in the horizon
And many paraglider
Some waves eventually came
More surfing action
I was rather lazy, and catched maybe 2-4 waves during the whole day
Some locals were really good
I aso brough Yilan beer
At 16 the waves became higher
More locals locals showed up
Later we went back to the store
I had some more yilan beer
Hugo was checking his board...2016 continues


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