Wenshan wild hotspring

On road 8, at the 166km mark, there is a wild hotspring, that is announced on lonely planet...
Road 8 has signs every 1km about its distance from est to east...
Coming from east, at this tunnel walk on the path to the right...
It is a pertty easy walk
With some cosy tunnels...
And some pridge...before it reaches at the bottom of the gorge...
Maximum 5 taiwanese people at a time...or 2 foreigners?
It use to be a much more commercial hotspring
With some warning sign, since the government does not maintain it anymore
One has to walk on some cliff to enter the stairs
The local people can show you how to reach the hotspring
The stairs then goes down to the wild hotspring
Pretty nice place...and very untouched
One can also see the road from here...
Many locals where chillin at the river bank
At the hottest pool it was easy to burn yourself
Some peopel took foot bath where the hot water reached the cold...
It is a perfect place for a 30 minutes break when visiting the Taroko Gorge
Mr Kris  was combining filming and SPA
The stairs up were pretty narrow...but its easier to walk up than down
Some drone dirving around filming the Gorge were also spotted...


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