Road to Ultra Taiwan 2016

I went to a festival recently called road to ultre
Just as the hardwell was a rather long queue
Not sure why...but they checked your body and bags with these scanners...letting everything pass anyway...even when it was triggering an alarm
THey didnt let any drinks nor cigarettes in...I guess they sold the rights to specific companies
1 heineked beer on can=200nt...(50SEK)...
They also had some strange girls dancing inbetween each DJ on a separate stage
W&W, some dutch DJs
More Heineken girls dancing
Aleso played later...he had some strange often feels like DJs are epxeimenting with wierd remixes in taiwan...
The whole DJ line up came from the Ultra festival in Singapore the day before
Too bad that Axwell and Ingrosso and  Kygo didnt show up...maybe tropical house and progressive house is that appreciated in Taiwan compare to Hiphop n RnB...
1 can of coke=100nt (25SEK)...pretty expensive
1 pizza slize=200nt...
Later on Afrojack, DJ snake and Deadmau5 played
Seems like DJ Snake attracted the Taiwan ppl the most..they prefer Hiphop n RnB or whatever is american...(in general)
The night was ended with a ximen visit...


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