Longshan with my Taroko friend

I went to Longshan night market recently with my Taroko friend
He recommended slized ice
I incisted on "only friuts, no vegetables or beans"...its usually a successful combiniation, since strawberries, pineapple and passion fruit are all naturally sweet...peanuts, red beans and green beans are not...thus its hard to fit them as an ice cream flavour...
We passed by the geocache I been spotting in the temple..but the area where it can be found was closed...
I also tried some fish mash..that was fried and dipped in some strange tomato sauce
My taroko friend also wanted to play on the arcade games...i told him how useless it was...and after 5 minutes, he spent all his 100nt...on missing grabbing some arge slippery item he probably never would have bought with some small metallic arm that never grips when it should...
But the hope is the last thing that leaves the human brain
Still some cash to be wasted...


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