Harvets festival in Danlin day 2

The second day of harvest festival, there were alot of sports activites
We passed by the volleyball, where nearby villages were invted to compete
Omg...tape of swedish flag...
Another sport was the relay...
Started uphill
And went around the village
After the sports events...we went to a local carrefour....I was asked to make some swedish food...but ended up making spagetti with meat sauce...bubba is an "italian american"...so he spirit to make it "non swedish"...
We tried to find spices and herbs...after 20 minutes of asking and looking...we finally found the shelf...so hard when not even the staff knows....
We were also heading to McDonalds...but got busy on the way...
We chilled in the car on the way back...listening to some house, and RnB music...I tried to catch a sign saying "taiwan" which is the name of the convenient store...no other text...sometimes its hard to know where to find things here...when not even the store tells what they have
Well back in Danlin there were some prize ceremoney
And alot of BBQ
Chillin wit Geais aunts
Bubba baought this drink, containing caffein, alcohol, nicotin, taurin, chinese medicine etc...seems like a bottle of power fuel
Last sunset of harvest festival
Some beer drinking
And millet wine drinking...it is a tradition to drink togetter with this kind of cup holder
Later on we headed back to Geais house (which is called Samulavan)
We made the spagetti and meat sauce
The had one stove...and it was a pretty intense flame, so I managed to burn the spagetti a littleb it...luckily I removed the burned part and when the food was done, it wasnt noticeable
It is pretty "heavy food" compare to the local food...alot of pasta, butter and cheese...we were told to cook for 20 people, we made it for 10, and since many people pass by Samulavan during the night, the pasta was gone by sunday...
An aunt brought some Swedish Absolute Vodka for "sundays consuption"
We headed to the baskedball field to chill when other people went to rest
And we did some people watching...
We decided to leave the place after a while, and donated some dring to the ghosts nearby
A blur pic of 2 guys singing songs in the Pingdong night, useing the phone
A ghost pic, of more singing...
Before the day was gone...we also went to a nearby breakfast place...for some sandwich before sunday started...


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