A cruising day in taipei

I cruised around taipei recently
Passing by a spanish restaurant
PS Tapaw
Spanish things...
I had a beer from barcelona
And some sea food
And some other thing...probably spanish
And something extremely salty...maybe they dropped the whole salt bag in it...
And some cheesy thing
Later a tivoli was passed by...
And the ferris wheel...
I also passed by Barhi...i havnt been here for a while
No cheese sticks
I had a pilsner since they make it in the house
I accidentally ordered a platter...it was good...
3 beers were made in house, 2 are yilan beer...
Dark beer, pilsner and Damai
Also some hunt for a golden batman cover were conducted...
Ximen hong lou were having some concert...
Omg...sweden wouldnt accept this picture...asia doesnt care
The evening was ended by a drink at ximen...


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