Chill with swedes in Taipei

I recently went to play floor bal in Tianmu
Many swedes and suiss people were there
It was very hot outside
After that I went to Fikafika, a swedish coffee house
They had many kinds of coffee
I had some dish, not sure if i accidentally ordered double coffee, sometimes the waiters dont have the same logic as me...
This was one of the coffees I orderedsome brown sugar coffee
And these are both the coffees
And a square cinnamon bun
I also had a cheese sandwich, pretty nice but rather expensive
They also ahd drip coffee
Anders was there. he likes to take selfies
Fikafika had many coffe brewing items
Fika fika won the nordic roaster 2013, also 2007-2010?
We continued to longshan temple
snake alley
some police snatched some person who was said to snatch
the classical snake alley
Epic guy separating the yolk with his hand
We later had some coconut drink (or someof us)
Some tourist place in taiwa
Intern at some swedish company
Some cave
Interesting lobster
We later on headed to ximen
omg Kavalan maked water
I had some lychee drinks
And after that we headed to Sababa in Shida, its one of my sweidsh friends favorite resturants
We had some mediterranean dish (mezze?)
And a Chicken Souvaki
Like a pita wrap


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