A visit to Sanxia tea place

I went to sanxia recently
Some mountian road, probably road 110 (100+ roads in taiwan are often mountain roads)
beetle nut trees
And mountains
and reconstrution
and some not good quality roa
Sometimes it was narrow, when cars met up
Up at 700meters above sea level pinetrees became more frequently seen
Thats where the deistnation was
road 109 was continuing from here
and some "forrest recreation area"
omg, they even sold italian pasta
and organic tea
I wanted to try th elocal tea
but I also bought some australian wine
Normal view from the mountain area
Some taipei suburb down there
and my red tea
Dark clouds approaching
Omg, my "milk" was solid
Since I bought wine I got free tickets to the "tea area"
Some gate was guarded, and people needed tickets
it was some stairs in there
And tea bushes
It looked nice
And nice view
The logo of this place
and the forest recreation area gate
Tai people walking around
A japanese style house was also passed by
Omg, some trash area was also passed by
And houses looking like in ShiTing
Some interesting tree
And many people not wearing helmet, just like at the east coast of taiwan
Back in Taipei, 91 seconds of red light,
1000 of scooters idling
After some minute, they drive to the next traffic light, "people who complain can go home to their country", since global warming is not global, I was told here ;)


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