A trip to yilan in may

I went to yilan recently
Checked the discriminative parking lots in banqiao, since taiwanese parking quards are the ones who have the world authority to decide your gender, not you!
typical yilan sight
and some random road
suddenly this house appeard, near the kavalan distillery
They are open until 1800
and they need staff
and they hace some store in the house
pretty commercial
5 standard kind and 3 seasonal
At the bar they had a black board with the beers only ale and porter
2 sized, large and small, if u buy small u get discount, if you buy large, you dont, strange logic
And some non algoholic alternative
"Beer its whats for dinner"
first one, some white ale, it was the best one
then some other ales
some fuzzball game at the corner
and families comming here to try
some decoration and the brewery in the room nearby
and they also have their own glasses etc
just like at barhi in beitou they show the brewing process
and some barrels
they also offer some pork
It was saturday afternoon, and the place was half full
Third round I tried the rest, mostly porter
In general their beer was very bitter
Some ppl enjoying outdoor activites
going strong, the white ale was the best so far
the staff were nice, and were suprised that I paid with 200 notes
Some random indoor cleaning of the outer part of a BBQ machine
the last porters on the tray
some random foreigners, some staff were introducing the beers to them, not sure about their discrimination algorithm
The foreingers left some dark beer
And then got some guiding in the brewery, not sure how to sign up for that tour
They had some souveir shop as well
All of their kind of beer, including non alcoholic
Yilan evning view
Sun setting at the south west
and some brewing chart
Not sure what this meaing "beware of beer stealing ninjas"
this road looks like taidong, both are on the east coast
typical tai building
more sunset viet from yilan
cloudy sky, yilan is called "the rainy city"
I Thin the second highest nountain of taiwan is in yilan county
More urban pic
and a fake 7-11
this place is "famous"
some chicken BBQ
golden rooster, just like me
"no smoking area, just near the smelly and smoling BBQ, strange
another tai house
its not ok with tobacco fumes, but coal fumes are ok
love BBQ
Each customer had 1 chicken
and an empty souvenir shop, i had to buy some cheap things, like pineapple
yilan has many bridges due to the rainy and wet area
many people waiting to get a seat at this "famous place"
my pineapple
and some philippino mango
my "haomapai" (number card"
And some local food
The yilan trip ended at this restaurant
many people here
and more hens, like a european easter image
they had ipads to manage their table bookings
some lotus dish, rather slimy
and rice
and some other "seasonal" vegetable
and the main dish, the chicken
including feet and head, taiwan style
with gloves to tear it apart
some guy at each tables seems to be asigned the tearing job
A ripped chicken
night in yilan, east coast alert, no helmets, atleast not on kids
and some other "famous store"
some bakery
it was crowded in here
probablybecasue it was so good,,,,ehh i mean "famous"
peach butter bread
and some girl who might have been to club atom in tokyo
scooter and scooters, but not as many as in taipei
omg they "yue tai" had traditional characters, thats rare
And the toilet had plants, welcome to yilan
The day was ended at ximen, with some mango drink


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