A revisit to AK12 burger

I hanged out with Anders recently
He just wanted to mingle around
so we went for a sandwich
they said I could have it for free if i finised it withint 30 mintues, eventhough I had a late lunsh with pizza and sauer kraut, I still thought it could be interesting
anders had a smoothie
And some phubbing
and pics
Here is a blur pic of my sandwich
Omg, its almost tipping
Anders wanted to film
hmm, johan preparing the mental situation to fit it into him, however they added new rules, i also had to finish a sallad and a 1 litre coke to get it for free
Ok, started
I picked the meat first
21 minutes left when i was done with the meat
just alot of bread
the i went for the sallad, it was rather salty, so i had to ask for a refill of the 1 liter coke
omg, still french fries left at 1 minute
and some bread, I tried to blame my late lunch pizza
I finihed all the french fries before I left, but didnt eat all the bread withint 30 mins, I might do it another time, even thought it doesnt fit into my "burger" definition, since its clrealy a sandwich---2016 continues


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