Scary churches

I just had a talk with one of my tai friends, who wondered why im not going to church. I asked why christianity doesnt ban slavery, as usually the main answer is silence. He wondered why I dont join him to his church. He also explained about tithing, Taiwanese church ask for 10% from the poor tais. Even if he didnt really want to pay that much.
He later said that I need to "repent my sins" and that he "have to tithe(10%) give to church" and "Otherwise you are stealing God's property" reminds me of swedish soap oepra "rederiet", where some local church brainwashed interesing...
It really makes me think of my last visit in Croatia, and the church there, where the priests all drove BMW and had a happy life. And the large gold statue in Dajia in Taiwan, where the religous people pay more and hope for more luck or good future.
Scary why these people never questioning the system.


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