A visit to Hodala beer bar

I planned to visit some lonely planet place, drunken monkey,,,
but it seems to have closed
I passed by a place in Shida that offered deluxe beer,,,
But never entered,,,
I joined Oskar to his special teppanyaki place in Shi da,,,
He had a fjällräven bag,,,
We passed some interesting squareds in the inner of taipei,,,
,,,and some parks,,,
I got a bible from a mormon,,,and super atheist oskar wasnt optimistic,,,
He rather drink beer than read the holy bible,,,
,,,this place had 16 kinds of beer,,,
,,,with 16 taps,,,
I tried number 1 to start with,,,(holy light)
,,,oskar tried number 11,,,
,,,when I was looking away he changed the Mormon book to moron book,,,hmm,,,
,,,some other beer names,,,
they also ahd happy hour,,,
,,,some local ppl on this pittoresque place,,,
And some brewing interior design,,,
one could also try some small sips of 4 beers,,,number 3,4,5 and 6, (i tried number 2 inbetween)
oskar watched some old pics from when we went to a beer bar some years ago,,,and realised that he had the same clothes,,,
Posing with lara croft in Taizhong,,,


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