Interesting similarities among some Men and Women from Taiwan (based on observations from mostly my friends)

When I was in the GMBA program, me and my classmates could identify characteristics among some locals:
Men: They like to talk, even if they dont have much to say, and they think that they are expected to know much, because they are older (if you questionize their logic, they talk around the topic, until the listener gets tired of that the converstaion is not leading anywhere and the talker thinks that he once again shared his experience successfully). They dont want to lose their face, if they do, they act kind of childish (sometimes on a level of a 5 year old kid, never to forgive the person they dont like), and they are also in the culture of high power distance, many times they forward messages from their management, without process/filter it, so working under people like this, can many times result in confusion, since they can not motivate the thing they say.
Women: Never questionize what they hear and thus make and take strange desicion. They are also in the culture of collectivism and thus often use nepotism, to favour their close friends/family. Some times its a language barrier but asking a question is hard, since its hard to distinguish between a question and a complaints (in chinese grammar pattern is many times the same, except the word "ma" at the end of the phrase). Speaking english, there is no "ma" so any question can be interpreted as a statement.
Sometimes my friends use to name these characteristics from people at my GMBA program, and successfully identified others...


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