Honor of job?

The program secretary usualy wants GMBA students to empty their locker before they can get their diploma...
However, she also said to a student who took her job for 2 weeks this summer to "check that johan removed his personal stuff"
I wonder the concistency in this...forcing a poor student to check every single item in the GMBA lab. to confirm that it is in my possession or not...
While about a dosen students left their stuff in the lab without anyone cares...i have experience in that she usualy apply nepotism...
However, this time it ended up, that the poor tai girl, asked which items were mine...and i told her which was mine, and which ones belonged to other students who already graduated, but left their stuff...it was such a stupid situation.
Maybe we questionized the honor of the gmba secretary to much...forcing the poor substiture to thow out every single thing in the lab...in order for me to get my stamp...
its stupid...strange logic...


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