Thesis presentation's

Today 2 class mates had theis thesis presentation
Ronny and Alfonso...
First Ronny was was us a perspective about the scope the school expects from us...
One difference compare to some swedish schools is that they have alot of professors in the opposition, instead of students...
They criticise and defend the speaker (their students, since asia is alot of not losing face, the argument stops when the advisor says something)...its kind of strange...
Everyone h had to leave the room except  the professors after the presentation, and they were very clear about telling us that we could not leave any microphone on, when leaving, as if we wanted to hear who said I took my camera and computer out from the classroom during the break.
Since the tudent can pic the professors who are attending, some professors left and other joined up for the seond presentation
Alfonsos presentation was the next one...his presentaion was more was also interesting...


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