im in Melbourne since yesterday

I am currenty in melbourne. today i was applying for a visa to china. it was expensive (i needed to buy an urgent one), and the proces was kind ofcomplicated, went to the councular office first, where i also visited yesterday to save some time (hard to find it), how ever there was no info.. aoubt anything. this morning i came there and they told me that the office has moved, so almost running i went to the address they gave me...(for visa appliation), when there they told me that i needed a copy of flight ticket and booking of hotel. i needed rush to get these info since the urgent applications stops at 12 each days. and luckily i also has a paper copy of my aistralian visa, whish also was required... i need to show my booling reciept for hotel and flight ticket when i pick it up. i hope they will accept it... it starts to feel like last year when things also screwed up in the end, and i really disliked china... i will try to continue to canberra tomorrow...and buy a flight ticket to new zealand soon. else i havnt done so many things here...exepct wasted money on visa and flights tickets...


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