Interesting restaurant visit

I have been to many restaurants lately. and I almost always order double meals...I gues im gaining alot of weight due to this...

It was 3 dishes, starting with some cheese fondue...and vegetables...and a pineapple/cocnut drink (pinacolada..yummi!)

Continue with salmon salad...

And some intersint pizza...

Continued with some kind of dryer pizza, without tomatoes.

I ordered another chocoloate shake...

And for dessert it was creme brule and apple pie with icecream

I felt like an american, eating like 3-4 taiwanese was expensive like 950 NT...but i guess that is the price of eating like its an all you can eat, when its not...:S
I ended they day by going to some farwell party...

It was windy, most people went to savage the nightclub was tempting to join.
I spent some time in the DJ room instead...


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