Rescue mission in the lake

Yesterday I went out with the boat...

As a marine I know the importance of using sea chart, even if it was a little old.

The weather was nice, but the wind was perhaps a little to strong.

I didnt have a seaman hat...but I still felt like a seaman...

Captain of the ship...I found my way around the lake...
went home for a short dinner...

I didnt drink that much beer, even it if only was 2,9 % alcohol, in sweden it is high penalties to drink and drive also on the lake.

I ate fish, perhaps it came from the lake...

"Mayday mayday, we are sinking, we are sinking". What were we sinking about?
By some reason the engine died on the second trip...I had to call my dad, ask to pull us from the cliffs...

He was near the lake, so the problem was solved. Lucky us that we had the cellphone with us on the boat.
NB: The boat didnt go aground. I managed the situation by the book (if u ask me). Not sure what caused the engine problem, but we took the smaller boat out instead on the second trip.


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