A visit to Gräfsnäs

I was told that they cut some trees in my parents garden, and eventually some tree fell on my windmill (on purpose!)...hmm

I spent 10 minutes collecting the pieces and made a provisional solution...I will work on it later on...

After my short windmill fixing attempt, we took of to Gräfsnäs where there is a bog ruin from a former castle...
We drove though endless of woods...

While in Gräfsnäs there were alot of handcraft stores...

They were selling alot of interesting things

We visited an old castle that has been in alot of interesting fires, historical moments etc

There were people there acting like soldiers from some centuries ago

They were selling bread a la 100 years ago

This is how the castle looked like a long time ago

This is how it looked a long time ago (but not as long as the other pic)

there were a moat around the castle...

People were shooting with an ancient gun

An old friend of my parents who won the world championship in BarBQ at the caribeans some years ago had a restaurant nearby.

AFter the castle visit we went to a cafe

Alot of people were having their "fika" there

I had a small prawn sandwish...
my mom payed ;)

My sister bf insited of paying for himself, i "borrowed" his wallet, and found these classical GF pics in his wallet...so fun to see how my sister used to look like

The cafe is kalled "Kallestugan" and has been a cafe managed by relatives to me for ages...but since some years some other family has it...


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