Last day in Singapore

The last day in Singapore I visited Little India with Norris and Pablo, it is the third district, where indians (another ethic group in Singapore) usually hangs out.

It is not that far from the district where we live (Bugis) at.

We ate some pancakes with curry and tried tea...some donut look alike indian cakes etc.
While there we also checked many stores, concluding that it is kind of cheap at some areas, we also went to Mustafa Center, which is a mall,

I wanted to buy a mickey mouse watch, but did not find any proper...

Then went to an arabic street where they had a mosque

and ate kebab,

I also found a swedish restaurant called Fika (which is a verb )
after that we walked to Bugis again, to see some prices of superman and batman outfits...(and clothes), but I think it is cheaper in Thailand (if they have it, that is).
Now the bus is waiting for us. Ready for a 26 hours trip from Singapore, passing Malaysia to Thailand, Bangkok.


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