In Bangkok

We just arrived to Bangkok. everything went smoothly so far.

Waiting in Hat Yai, for another bus to take us to Bangkok. It was Indians, Thai people and us.

Due to english influence, they have left hand traffis in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand...The lanes were separated on all they way our destination.

5 hours from Bangkok, then the car broke down (or some parts of it), I think it was the AC.

It reminded me of the South east asian when I was in Laos last time, the same thing happend almost every route I took.

I asked if we just could drive with windows open, it would be ok...but they did not understand english, and I did not understand Thai...

we went to a place to repair the car, after a while, they said it was ok, so we entered that car again ready for take off...
Then another part broke...
So we left the car again...
And then it broke again...
This procedure happend 4 times and took us 4 hours extra...
I enjoyed the evening, since I was not in a hurry, but i felt more sorry for my friends who had some bus to catch up on later that night.
we made good friends with the other people in the bus (we were only 11 passengers), so we had some good talk while waiting for the car to be repaired.
While in Bangkok I could recall all the greedy south east asians (they are probably worse in Vietnam), always lie to you, saying thing to make you take their cab. Things like:
"This place very far" but it is close (so that they can charge u extra)
"This place very good, internet and everything" (but the place is crap)
And on it goes...
The driver told us that he knew the place we were going to, but not...we looked for half an hour...


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