Im now in Singapore

I left manila at 13.30.
I bought some dried mangos before I took of, trying to get rid of all my cash...

Someone told me that dried mangos are famous in the philippines...

It was also a little asia attitude here in the philippines (even if it is alot more like home thatn taiwan)...
they have (or try to have) a high security level at the airport, but in the end it is just walking staight in to the gate with water bottles etc.
When landed we went to a hostel, it was kind of cheap, atleast compare to the options (the hotels nearby offered a price 10 times higher).

It was out on some balcony...very interesting....Then we went for some local food.

Now we r looking for a way to head for bangkok, since we need to be there the 24th to meet some ppl from spain.


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