First day of the year.

I need to collect my receipts in a new pile from now, (since it is a new year, and persiod counted from the national receipt lottery).
January 2, 2011 stared by that I went to my friend, helping him move, by carrying stuff...

This is how it looks in Hsinchu, the roofs on a january day...
My friend is moving closer to school, which makes him save alot of time...
After this we went to taipei, to an All-you-can-eat restaurant (japanese style).

They had alot of seafood etc. I started with the dessert as usual, and then headed for the other dishes...

Here is my company, Pablo with the hat and his 2 spanish friends who are here for a short visit, travelling around in taiwan...
After the dinner, we said bye to his friends and took the night bus back to hsinchu.


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