bangkok, bangkok, some more day...

I bought a ticket to nepal today, but there is alot of rumors. first i was about to buy one that meant that i needed to wait in india for 13 hours, and then i might need a transit visa, so i had to find another the end i bought 1 for saturday, so i will leave in 2 days.
I went to a super market that i passed by yesterday, but did not have time to visit.

they had alot of motorcycle shows, brand from all over the world promoted thier bikes,somewerevery cool. some bikini ladies were posing in front of the bika,it felt very asian.<.br />

I also found an interesting book about passive stock investments...which is just the kind of investments that I use to do, and that always beats the active investements....

I found both a mickey mouse watch and some superman and batman stuff there....unfortunetely not the cool stuff (like cufflinks) that I found at the same store in singapore...

I also spent some time in china town...they are prepating chinese new year there...
my hostel has free wifi but ihad problems logging in to it. my internet addiction makes them earn alot of money.but in the very very late night i succeeded login on by my cellphone.


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