A day in Taipei

My Information Management teacher wanted the class to particiapte in a model contest in Taipei. The problem was that it was during the exam week. So no one from my class could join it.
But some of us went in to taipei to by things, so we passed by the castings to see if we saw some friends.

I brought my Marketing book, since we have exam in 2 days. There was no food served at the casting place so we left after 10 mins, after watching the participators walk back and forth.

After that I went to GongGuan night market, since my classmate recommended this for shoes...
They only had sneakers though, and most of the shoes were super small. But I finally found a pair...

We later on, went to a Vietnamese restaurant and then we hagned out in the park...
we took the 22 bus back, since they charge night fee after 22.59 as far as we know.


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