last day in bhutan

yesterday i went to "the tigerst nest"

which is the most holy place for buddhists (according to the guide). some lotus born guy flew there on a tiger and meditated for 3 month. i wanted to buy bhutan whisky and rum (my guide said i couldnt) but i bought it anyway.and he seemed to be wrong. many ppl brought local things with them. the flight from kathmandu was delayed again (due to weather), strange logic that they keep on having airport activiteis on early mornings when it always is foggy at the nepal airport. so time was spent at the lounge. i tried a bhutan whisky i never tried tasted like scottish whisky. i was thinking if it really is so expensive here. 1bottle of whisky 1/2 litre is like 1,3 USD. and the total route would probably cost more in sweden (inc hotel transport and food). given that i use all those facilities.

Guys were playing dart at a nice place at the mountain (there r moutains everywhere in Bhutan), in the top one cam see (according to the guide) the highest peak in bhutan (7300 m), but Lonely planet said it was like the 3rd highest...

They were about to built a super high budha near Trimphu. It seems to be popular...they have similar in thailand, tibet and china.

This penis is a common picture on Bhutan houses, it it a symbol of power.

They adore their king as buddha...almost... pics were found everywhere...


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