From the second to the third largest city in Tibet

Im now on 4000meters above sea level, in the second largest city in Tibet.

We took the bus from the city to another city, we passed by a water mill where they prepared fluor... it was cool

Then we came to the new city, we checked in at a hotel, ate lunch (yak meat) and went to a monastery (build 1440). it is cold here, around zero degs, im still wearing is warm when we are walking, but cold in the shade...

Many Tibetians are playing biljard on the street everywhere. i wonder what they do when it is raining.

They are also selling alot of firecrackers and fireworks, perhaps it is due to that chinese new year recently was, but if feels like it is a common thing here to use...

I ate my second lunch ate a "burger king" look alike...

They had a winning slogan...(typical asian if u ask me)

Then we went back to the hotel and I checked out the travel opportunities in china, where im going next week.. ..
It really six that I cand find out when im going there, since the trvel agent lied, and no one knows here (or rather everyone tells me different)


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