Saying good bye to friend

Today I said goodbye to my group member...who continued to Thailand...
I showed a part of Hsinchu, then we took High speed rail to the airport. The free shuttle bus was really slow, so we missed the first train, but we had an open ticket so we just needed to wait another half hour...on the way back from the airport the HSR was faster though...
I tried my new shoes...

Batman to the left and Superman to the right...(when im wearing them)

This blur image shows my mickey mouse watch...the clock hands is mickeys...just like it should be, no batteries, it is mechanic driven.

I wear is like 20-25 degs some times..and still the tais use winter is fun.

"Emergency Door Cock"?!?
Who wanna pull that one? (Tai's seem to enjoy every single moment, even when things are on fire)
I also handed in my 14 boarding passes to the secretary at my program that she wanted, i needed to paste them on 2 A4 papers.
I ended my day by hanging out at a birthday party, that continued to the DJ club...I did not have any good music to play, so i let other ppl do the DJ-ing...

It was alot of people, mostly latinos...


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