Back in Kathmandu for a short visit

I just made a short visit in Kathmandu. Tomorrow I will gop to Mt Everest trek. And go towards the basecamp...
But they are not that fast in the trek, so I dont think my guide will let us go all the way to the Base camp, before I need to take the local plane back to kathmandu.
Since I need to catch a bus to Tibet next week.
I will upload pics later...due to slow internet...
Btw it is really cheap in nepal com[pare to taiwan.
A 75 liters bckpack is 300SEK here, compare to 1200SEK in Taiwan... (mamut or some other brand)
to bad I dont need one...

Postat av: mamma

Lovely to hear from you. I just came bakc from a visit in Gällivare and Jokkmokks marknad and icehotel. Was thinking a lot of you. Hope everything is ok. Love mamma

2011-02-07 @ 22:19:30

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