Midterm presentation and lunch in da lab

Today I had a midterm presentation, in the subject Operations management in taipei..
It was great fun, as usual, since the foreingers are very dominant in the class (in measures of speaking and particiapation, about 5 students, compare to the taiwanese 25 students)...
I bought pizza for the professor to taste, and shoed pics on how  use to bake pizza...

Many other groups were refering to mothers day that is in 2 weeks...

Others wanted to sell NCTU items like stickers and bags...
After this I went back to Hsinchu, and ate lunch with some class mates...

Due to some facebook pic, half class thinks i work part time at Mcdonalds...(taiwanese are so funny)...
We bought Mcdonalds food anyway, it is kind of cheap, compare to mosburger where I eat alot...and the volume is more...

Postat av: Sara

Why did you serve pizza?

2011-04-19 @ 13:12:36
Postat av: Johan

to make it more fun, for the audience to have something to taste and to put the focus away from the presenter... (me)

2011-04-20 @ 12:53:55

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