Tai logic (part 2)

One thing I dont get a grip of is the signs at the International Service Center. The staff some times tells me not to eat or drink in there...(due to the signs at the entrance).
But at the same time, they offer me free tea and water from the water containers at their bar. And some times they also have snax.

The first thing you see when entering the ISC at NCTU.

Postat av: sherry

ok, you observe it into micro. dont be serious to observe this. they change their mind and thought depend on the situation, like their mood and feeling. ha ha.

2010-09-24 @ 05:31:24
Postat av: Kai

Probably it means

"No your own food and drink"

Food and drink provided by them is ok.

It is now the office of ISC,

it would be rude to bring stinky tofu, instant noodles and other things inside.

By the way, Tai logic just sounds weird,

it sounds exactly as "Thai"

2010-09-24 @ 13:07:23
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Postat av: Johan

I never brought stinky tofu, just sandwich, and once some snax, and they refereed to the sign...

I cant c any logic in forbidding my tea, and then provide the same tea there (they wont make any profit, since it is free)...

2010-09-25 @ 04:46:13

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