School in taiwan

From now on...the school has started for real in Taiwan (NCTU)...and the "add and drop" weeks are over.
It is a little different here compare to sweden. First of all, they are checking attendance in class, more or less in every subject you take.
U also have a lot of homework (one teacher told me that the students here wont study if they dont have homework). This homework affects your final grade. On the other hand the teachers often copy the homework exercise right of, and uses it in the final exam.

We will have a quiz next monday. So some students spent some time in our GMBA lab. doing some of the exercises that might come on the quiz. The lab is nice, there each student has a locker, there is a fridge and coffee machine there as well...

Today we got an email that we must clean the lab, each student is responsible for 4 days this semester...
Some of my friends was amazed that it is only half of the class who needs to clean (that is the international students). Perhaps the taiwanese just wanted us here (in the GMBA) for cheap cleaning labour... :S


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