Mid-Autumn Festival

We were free from school this wednesday, due to the chinese holliday "Mid-Autumn Festival".
We got invited to join moutain climbing with a church near our campus. So we went by car, east of Hsinchu, where the moutains are.
It was called "Lions Head", I think, and we walked on a path taking us up on a moutain and back again...

It was partly kind of steep. We where like 30 people walking on a line up hill.

Mostly taiwanese students from NCTU joined us on the path.

When arriving back to the cars again, we sang some christian songs in chinese...I bought a milk tea at some local store.
Before returning home we went to get taiwanese food, at a near by villlage.

Here we also sang christan songs in chinese, people prayed and we listened to people talking about their experience in church. It was interesting.
After eating some japanese food with friends we headed to Carnegie's in Taipei. It is a bar where middle-aged men hang out while they visit Taiwan...

There were many tai girls there dancing around. It was hard to know if they really worked there or not.

It felt like they did not really have a dance floor...some started to dance on the bar...
It was nice to hang out in taipei, i had not been there for atleast one week...
and we where celebrating our friends birthday., so it was a good reason to go there...

Postat av: Martina

looks like a really exciting day!

2010-09-23 @ 03:21:57
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