first friday...

today i rechecked some chinese courses, still waitin for a decision about which courses I should pick...
I have 1-2 weeks to decide...
I ate lunch with my indian friends Sami and Raja (MahaRaja means empirer), Raja means king.

The dish was kind of spicy, and it was called "VegBriYani" meaning "Vegeterian Rice"...

I guess you simply mix rice and whatever...and the dish becomes..."WhateverBriyani".
After this i spent some time with Martina and Hannes 2 swedish allies
I continued my day by eating dinner, first it was ment to eat at an italian restaurant...but it seemed to be we went to japanese BarBQ.

Me, Hannes and Vannena went eating dinner at Hsinchu downtown...
I think I ate the most...(It was an "all you can eat" restaurant...), I did not finish with a dessert btw...(for the first time, when eating there...)

Postat av: Martina

looks cozy :D

2010-09-10 @ 23:45:25

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