Friday night (week 5?)

Time goes by very fast...I think it is week 5 now...not sure
Yesterday I did not have class, but I had alot to do at school. I finished some excersises and took a cup of coffee (read: I went hyper active)
I ended my school day with playing football. it is nice to run after a ball for 2 hours with caffein in the blood...

Usually they have lights at the running court in the evening (the sun sets about 18.00), but not on we played partly in the dark...
After football we ordered pizza and went to a preparty.

Some of the swedes has their friends here for a visit.

We all managed to go on the same bus again, to Taipei...
this one did not have a toilet.

They often have 2 dancefloors here in taiwan, one with HipHop & RnB, and one with other music...
last night they hade trance night...with laser show on the trance dance floor. Tai's usually love hiphop and RnB.

This means that it is crowded at the hiphop dance floor, and some times almost empty at the trace one...

It is expensive to go out clubbing in taiwan, (the prices differ, from free entrance (if u are very early) to about 1000NT, which is 200SEK (usually "all you can drink" places or if there is a special theme or DJ at the club).
In comparison with how much a lunch is (about 50NT) that is alot. Last night we payed 600NT for entrance, the beers was 200NT each, even though we got 2 beers for free or 1 drink.
so to sum it up, clubing costs 12 lunches, a beer costs 4 lunches...
clubs with that price in europe would probably go bankrupt

But Taiwan has a trump card, which is called 7-11. Usually you can leave and enter the club when u want, since you get a stamp...
So it is always crowded at the local convenient store, where they sell both beers, cider, wine and other alcoholic beverages. They even have a guy, who job is to collect cans and bottles, to keep it clean, when all the drunk foreigners leave the 7-11 for continuing back to the club.


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