Bike purchase

I promised my friend to buy a bike before october...
Yesterday we concluded that I was to I needed to pay his pizza. And if I do not buy one until next week I must buy my Information Technology-teachers book (which is in chinese), as a punishment for beeing more than one week to late...
So today I went to buy the the Giant store. Their english was not that good. I wanted:
1) carbon frame (carbon fiber)
2) disc brakes
First they gave me a semi-carbon i needed to tell them it must be in totally carbon.
Then they said that I cannot cycle on the bikes they have in the store, since they were to small, so they needed to order a bike from the Giant factory...which might take 1-2 month...
When i mentioned disc brakes, they said it is impossible to get disc brakes for racer bikes in taiwan...
I asked why, but they couldnt tell...
it is also problem when using carbon material, since it is not as strong as aluminum that many of the other bikes was made of.
So i said that i might buy a front fork from a Mountain bike, since they apparently had disc brakes...
this turned out to be impossible as well for some reason.
So then i decided to stick to a carbon frame bike with V-brakes...
just before i left i just wanted to confirm my order...which turned out to be wrong...they ordered the semi carbon i needed to explain my requirements again... :(
They said they will call me back next week, about whether they have the bike or not. I hope they have it (or can make it).

It is a "Giant TcR Advanced 3", the frame is in black and red (as far as i understood).

Postat av: Anonym

don't forget a big lock!

2010-10-05 @ 17:09:11

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