Day after Harvets festival in Danlin

I finally got a glimpe ofr Geais room...
...his brother slept here this morning...
We decided later on this sunday to head to "Pineapple"...which is the place to be for the local people
It is called pineapple beucause it is near a pineapple field...however I found some bananas
I guess they werent ready yet...pretty bitter
Around here is the pineapple house
Later at Samulaval people got theyr hair cut by a guy who works in a barber shop
They also started some BBQ
Many people gathered
This is a funny guy, they have many characters here in Danlin...he lived in Taoyuan usually but comes from Danlin
The meat got ready...
We also started to taste the swedish Vodka
Later on we got invited to catch crabs...
We needed boots and pants and gloves...cus there were snakes at the river bank where we were going to...
Some old Paiwan path
I emptied my pockets before heading to the river...we would probably get very wet...I allso found a swedish flag...which Geai coincidentally asked for some day ago...
The crab hunting crew
We found many frogs to start with
And headed up stream
Sometimes the water was up to waist
More frogs
It reminded me of catching crabs in sweden...just look under the stones
But these were fresh water crabs
Most of them were red
After some 30 minutes we had like 20 of them
Time for a short break
Geais mom brought some drink
We also spotted some green snake...i think it might have been a bamboo viper
It was pretty still...but moved after a while
The higher upsteam we went, the more crabs we found...we also saw eyes in the dark...trying to identify what it could be...luckily it was some small dog running around 9in the deep forrest...
Bubba found some awesome pattern on a rock...
It was too amazing not to catch on a pic...
Stippes that was almost straight...
And the catch of the night
They were put on a bowl with hot water
And mixed with garlic and spices
I wonder if I can eat the swedish crabs like this...people always say they are "too small" to be eaten...
It was rather calm Danlin night this sunday...many people preparing for monday
Soup is ready..
And the crabs...
Full table...
Geai was also taking it easy
And so did I had to be the representative when it came with drinking with the locals
Funny people passing by in the night...arriving, having a drink and continuing...


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