Arrived to Danlin for harvest festival

I went to Danlin in the picked up by Geai
his mom the driver
We went to some BBQ site with KTV
And some fire crackers..
And some fireworks
We also had some local meet
And Bubba and a local guy called Guanna was digging the sound
This is Lucas...he is an awesome singer
This is Rihanna, a local character
After some hours people cleaned up...
And we were heading up hill...I got a ride from a guy living in taoyuan
More chilling up hills
And we later on decided to head to the nearest village, Geai and bubba both with camouflage shirts
Aiyo....most food is gone at 7-11...
We went back up to Danlin with the food...and later on went to bed...tomorrow Harvest festival starts...


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