Taipei Health IoT Hackathon (Part II)

Late saturday night...the hackathon in Taipei continues
Most participants are chinese speakers
Some class with speakers from international universities
The snack desk
Milo playing his ukulele
Some partly eaten snacks
And milo asking questions about health IoT
Most people seems to be students
I got some certificate for my participation
In the early sunday morning Milo is done with his part...mostly usung java script to simulate a database
Some neighbours takeing a nap
Lets see how this goes...we have 6 minutes to present...most Tais has super many slides...I know from my NCTU GMBA that in taiwan "time limit" is most often a recommendation, one TA i had who said "20 minutes per presentataion" presented for 2 horus and 20 minutes once...stressful and disrespectful for the others who had to skip their lunch...but its a culture thing i guess...
Some teams also presented posters...
MIlo maing a poster of his idea
And starting presentation with some ukulele song
And then application demonstration
Some judy members looked interested...but i deared that this would b a taiwan style competition (most slides and pictures that look "professional" will win)
Some pitch was about run keeper...didnt see the uniqueness
Also some app was about dumpstring...or food waste...
And one were about diabetes, which im kind of familiar with
Some jury announcement...
The mayor of Taipei was here also, delivering the prize...


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