Swedchamb Taiwans crayfish party 2016

I went to a crayfish party recently
It was at Maji Maji near the flora expo area
Many swedes were there
And they had some mojito at the entrance
They also had some quiz
Martin and Robin was there
And Gustaf
An example of a question
And chalmers students were hosting
They also had vodka at each table
Louise was also holding a speech
And a guy from Höganäs
It was rather noisy from nearby tables...so not any people heard what the toastmasters said
Some song initiation
Gustaf only drank water...he was on antibiotics
The SHL table
Gustaf gave his glas to me...trying to get me drunk
I also got information that one of my friends from taiwan, Mr Stenriker might be on a trip to australia right now
Johan from SHL was starting a song
After some time the crayfish were served
More toastmaster activities
After a while they also announced the winner of the quiz...it was my team...but it had Robins name
I wasnt on the pic, but im shoing my hand
more vodka bottles are opened
And some more toasting
People left after some while...
I accidentally stepped into some fontain...Gustaf though that was funny...he is a funny guy


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