A visit to Dalukuan Theme Park

I went to Pingdong recently
I met some people at Kaohsiung HSR station first
Omg...Bumble bee statue...has it been moved from Pier 2?
Many police at the theme part
My friend Robin was there..and my friend from Domenican republic
They were suiting up
They had snus in their luggage
Many kids were also there
And the president of Taiwan
These three guys made it look like an american wedding
My favorite of the whole event was this guy (center of the pic)...his face looks so professional, and he seem to be a taiwanese version of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Here comes Yi-han
Many phones in the air
This never happened 10 years ago
Phones and the president
They also drank tea from a Lions teapot
Then the president talked
And some photo session
And Arnold was standing at the very right
Then it was time for the president to leave...and the guy in the center of the pic was fast to walk up for protection...but arnold was more cool with his actions
There goes the president
And there goes Robin and Yi-han
Some "instagram frame"
And some after ceremony mingeling
And photos with Yi-hans father
They also played "min hatt den har tre kanter", 
more father photos
The cool people were chillin where the the drinks were
Photo shooting
This was my favorite photographer, she looked like a paiwan
Family portrait
Yi-hans family portrait
Robins family portait
Later we went for some dinner
Many tables...
They had wine from pingdong
And my favorite photagrapher took pics of us...
If the EAN-coe number starts with "471" its from taiwan
We also got some swedish candies
Our table was no 26
...party table...
Some performance
And speach
And sushi
They also had a competition...1st prize, a flight ticket to sweden
Some people prefered watching baseball instead
Later people were drinking and toasting
Some left over on the table
Photagraher pic
Dalukuan, the name of the place...sounds paiwan
We later on went to some basement, where we played music and ate candies etc
And coke...
Some people wanted to stay up until 4am...
..but most people faded out around 24-01...
Some west coast lads standing strong
And some people working at the government...chillin at the pool
Some hours later..it was breakfast
Some white people feeding fish
The reort
AED area...
I later gave robin a red envelope...its taiwanese tradition
Later we passed a famous bridge...hanging one...
And some 7-11 copy
And a huge buddha statue
Before we were back in Kaohsiung...2016 continues


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