EU day in Taipei

There was an EU day in taipei recently
some 20-30 vendors promoting alcohol
exceot the swedish tent, that promoted innivation
I also passed by some local art place
and after a while it started to rain
cloudy day - heavy rain
Once in a while people visited the swedish tent
some wine glass, but i prefer riedel
some good sales offered a sip for free of Konjac with grapes from champange
Some approval from Taiwan Sommelier Association
this was a cocktail, with the Konjac
Soem old fashined dancers started to dance after some half hour
and invited random bistander, or many not so random, this guy seemed to know how to dance
and then it started to rain heavily again
I went for a mojito, it wasnt that good, dalidas mojito is better
and more rain
My friend wanted to go for bread, i bought the most famous bread they had
"is it delicious?", "i odnt know, but it is famous" (taiwan style judgement)
more rain
I went to another tent to try something new
Omg, the bartender shaked the drink so professionally
Some earl grey vodka
And more rain
Omg, my earl grey vodka, or what was left of it, had some toxic taipei rian in it, after cycling around with my drink passing the town


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