A violing concert in Neihu

I went to Neihu recently
Seeing "dont drink and drive" posters at the MRT
I met with Mr Anders and Co
At this place
We observed swedish coloured balloons
And went to see this guy, the son of a teacher of Anders wife
Some kind of greatudation concert, we signed our names on the poster of him
HE played with some girl who played a piano
People wernt applauding when he was done the first songs, but in the end they did
Some local snack
Some local traffic signs
Vegetable stick
The kids were playing ball, whileme and Anders were  checking out the camera functions
Another kid
Close up pic
Pic with local girl getting volleyballs on her stomach
"dont take a pic of my face right now" pic
I also took some group photos of some of Anders friends, the guy in middle has a similar nams as "jesus"
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic with the son of Jesus
V-pic with the son
Other people also taking pics

Postat av: Malla Wird

Wow, the son of Jesus is really tall

2016-05-22 @ 19:16:37

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