A birthday bash in Taipei

Its the 3rd of may
Erik preparing his birthday bash
Some beer try out at Q square
The staff wanted to cher erik up
Or Mario
sang some chinese songs
Big hat, erik liked it
The rest of us used party hats
He even got a cake
He also got some solist whisky from kavalan
And some other candies to give ppl back in the UK
Omg, heavy luggage
Next stop is Jollys
Some french taste of the beer
OMg, they were a part of the world brewing academy
Some random thai food
Random streets with alot of scooters
We also passed by ximen quickly, with a place where the staff took orders on an ipad, some technical progress since last time
Erik had some apple drink
Next stop was dalida, where a mojito was served, Eriks birthday bash is going to an end, atleast for this year


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