A 3.6 km walk

I recently went for a wal
The people who invited gave misinformation, saying "every 10% walked will get a bike", but it turned out to be a promotion trick
I brought some beer
My friend has a appe watch, another strange thing is that we were told to be there 7:30, but it turned out that it wasnt until 8:30 that we needed to be there, not sure of this logic
At 8.45 we started to walk
People blocking the path to take pictures
Another group photo on the path...also funny logic
It reminded me ot hte nijmegen walk
Some bridge with walkers
A narrow pavement
And some intersection
Locals using umbrella, cus its sunny
We then walked alon a river bank
Omg, I met many aboriginals
They came from Pingdong
After half walk, we got stamps, super long queue, and many staff not active, cus there was a long queue created at the first two people stamping, and no other staff reacting to it
I asked why they dont walk back and stamp peoples cards while they queue, but no answer
Last minutes of the walk
Paiwan people
Some friends in the dark
Some old people dancing on a stage
And some group photo
Kids dancing on the stage
And bikes to be given away
Many people were waiting for the bike lottery
Probably some thousand participants in the lotery
Nope, no wins, the second the last number was released eveyone went home....


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