A dinner with Oskar

I went to a place called Drunken Monkey some days ago
Pretty small roads was passed to find it
omg, a tunnel in a house
Finally found it, Oskar wanted to visit this place, due to lonely planet recommendations
Pretty cosy
But oskar was sceptic due to that it was a foreigner who was managing it
Iskar had his Bowie shirt on
Before ordering he checked lonely planet, what they recommended
some beef dish with onion
The staff at the restaurant
Some rice and three cup tofu
and some cabbage dish
I also gave oskar my recently traded 200nt and 2000nt notes, i wonder if he will use them before leaving taiwan
Another pose pic of oskar, he seemed not that disapointed with this place after all
Then Anders borrowed my camera, and took more professional pics
He also went to order some tea
Oskar was checking his hualien route, since he came from there this morning
We headed to wards a local temple
Omg, oskar was carrying his fjällräven bag again
Another Anders pic
Random night market dish
Normal nightmarket crowdness
Where is oskar?
Typical nightmarket dish (2)
Ander took some crew pic at the temple
And a pic of some double dog carriage
And dont be a phubber!
Anders is in focus
Omg, technical stuff, anders was in heaven
We also found a pakistan restaurant
Raohe St Night market; a random night market
interesting cap cover
and mantual BBQ technique
Deer, wolf, bear
random cute turtles, food ot pets?
The day ended with a nice spell-correction, can you seen which letter that was added?


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