A day trip to Macao

I made a trip to Macao some day ago,,,
Also seeing the future MTR map from taipei to the airport,,,not sure when they will open it,,,
cant help to observe the ppl here in asia,,,"no cellphone" sign,,,
celphon on,,,
seatbelt on,,,yep, that is also a decoration sign,,,
they were building some new platform or thrd terminal at hongkong airport
some fast ferry going to macau
macau had many old buildings
and was pretty crowded, many chinese ppl
and this ruin was the most famous i was told
many ppl taking pics
looked the same since 1834
some casino in the horizon
and spome "famous" dish
bread with mea
more crowded street walk
omg, i got a "jesus loves you" bag
next stop some milk cream place
and some old church
the walking sign guy has a hat in macau
around the city they had these info signs the english text was on the side, making it sometimes hard to see it
some other old house
omg 1591, some decades before the spanish ppl build a fortress in tamsui, taipei
more portugese architecture
and some beer
Macau beer had Kirin bottles
same volume but cheaper can
the sockets in macau was the same as in hongkong, they had them at the terminal, but the chinese guards tol me that no one can use them
Some friendship bridge connecting the two macau islands


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