My recent lifestyle in Frankfurt...

I seldom exersice when its subzero...its slippery and troublesome to run...i rather go cross country skiing...I remember in Alingsås, after a sudden snowfall at 2am, i went out on the main street in Alingsås city..skiing around...Epic...
Well, now im in FRA, a recent event made me see my short term life in a very turbulent way...but now im back on track...
I also found myself acting like a swede in germany again, wine for 2 euro (20kr or 100:ish NT)...made me have 1 bottle per day (today some Pinot Grigio which was pretty good)...but my reaction to alcohol is about 0, havnt checked my weight for 2 weeks but it might be over 90, (it was 85 some weeks ago, but use to be 95-105 since last year) long as I can do the "kustjägarmönstringskrav"...(meaning the minimum requirements for entering the swedish coastal rangers) im fine, and it has been my goal since I was 18, to until I die, be able to do them:
  • Stepp Test with 30 kg packing, 3 min up / down on a bench
  • push-ups: 40-55 reps 
  • Sit ups, straight high 40-55 reps 
  • Static back hanging, at least 60 sec 
  • chins with palms forward) at least 8-16 reps
  • Run 10 km under 49 min 
  • Swimming some short distance...
So I dont feel bad, sitting at the computer all day, waiting for beeing in sweden with some snow...
I also have my europen diet...bread, cheese and some meat...not HCLF but maybe 7:0 has energy to check the kcal in everything one eat...when beeing abroad...if u know u can go the "swedish coastal ranger"-minumum requirements...


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