Difference between Tai and Swedish companies

I had a talk with one of my best friends in taiwan.
He told me that Tai companies many times treats their employees as their "property" and sometimes have a "punggrepp" on them...(also some taiwanese freinds comfirmed). Maybe this is to the lack of a national welfare system, creating a different power among the corporations.
He said that western companies more are like "friends" and try to see for the benefits of the employess.
Its interesting...im not sure maybe there are exceptions. But I heard that international companies are more popular in Taiwan.
An interesting observation:
For example, a taiwanese company could tell someone that they have to move within the 2-3 weeks from they got the message, permanently. Ofcourse it might come as a surpirse....but they also get informed that if they want to stick to the old, original plan, they can do this and at the same time get the kind offer to: use their "personal leave and expense to go back Taiwan on Dec. to handle your personal belonging again.". It is a monthly salary to get to there...I wonder the logic in this...
I was impressed, thats so nice, but it must also be stressful, I have the feeling that every moment is a negotiaion issue...where someone will take the share, if you dont do it.


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